Easylife / Sunday Express

Bold ad design for top UK publication

The Client

Easylife are the UK’s leading catalogue retailer, responsible for mass production and regular co-branding with fellow publications.

The Brief

I was tasked by Caramel Design Agency to conceptualise and create a set of advertisement designs set to feature in the Sunday Express. Speedy turnaround demands were challenging, but certainly not impossible.

My Approach

I swiftly created a series of sophisticated InDesign templates to meet the tight deadline. This way, I could easily populate the templates with new text and imagery as and when needed. My focus, as always, rested on clear typography and bold visual choices, all expertly compiled to meet the client’s demands.

The Impact 

The Easylife and Caramel Design teams were thrilled with the result. They enjoyed the simplicity and boldness expressed through each design, ensuring a memorable experience for readers.


  • Graphic Design (Photoshop, InDesign)

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