Graphic design for Vodafone’s employee-benefits scheme

The Client

Flexphone, owned by Vodafone, offers employees a benefits package known as the “Mobile Salary Saver” (approved by HMRC). The package empowers users to save up to 41% on their personal mobile phone bills.

The Brief

I was asked by UK agency, Caramel Design, to produce a series of posters and brochures to engage the scheme’s target market. I needed to stick to the brand’s clear guidelines and supplied professional photography.

My Approach

We worked with Vodafone’s existing brand identity and imagery to create a series of striking posters and brochures.

The Impact 

The client was delighted with the end-result which garnered nationwide attention from Vodafone’s target market. The signature red colour, along with neat pops of text and key features, helped Vodafone achieve their vision.


  • Graphic design (Photoshop / InDesign)

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