GU Energy

Digital marketing graphics for leading UK sports supplement brand

The Client

GU Energy Labs is a USA-based leader in nutritional products designed for performance and nutrition. Their energy gels are particularly popular, designed for rapid absorption and easy digestion. The company’s market enjoys using these gels during high-impact events like cycling, triathlons, and more.

The Brief

I was approached by the UK supplier of GU to create a series of web banners to promote their flavoured energy gels and foster more purchases from website visitors.

My Approach

Seeing as the ad needed to capture and hold attention in under three seconds, I focused on eye-catching graphic design defined by pops of colour, simple text, and a striking that would stand out on any website. The text comprised a simple call to action, with the graphic design doing the rest of the talking.


GU Website Banners

 GU Website Banners


The Impact 

The marketing team adored the striking website-friendly graphics, which garnered conversions so high that I was swiftly hired again for the next project.


  • Graphic design (Photoshop)

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