Inspired Accountants

Website design for Auckland-based accounting firm

The Client

Inspired Accountants, locally known as simply “Inspired,” is a fresh firm of chartered accountants based in Auckland, New Zealand. The firm assists the nation with a broad set of accounting and tax needs.

The Brief

I was engaged by Practice Plus to produce a stylish, simple, and informative new website for their client, Inspired Accountants. I would need to work with the existing brand identity and illustration, colour palate, and specific client demands.

My Approach

With the client’s specific brand identify in mind, I created a simple and clean yet striking website defined by eye-catching design that “speaks” to the audience. The website is easy to navigate, refreshingly modern, and covers crucial information without feeling cluttered.

The Impact

Both Practice Plus and Inspired Accountants approved the design immediately, enjoying the bright red look against plain white for a simple yet striking contrast.


  • Website design (Photoshop)

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