Spirits of the Red Sand

Graphic design to attract Chinese tourists

The Client

Spirits of the Red Sand is a world-class interactive Aboriginal show set in a traditional village near Brisbane, Australia. They promise international guests an unforgettable evening of vivid storytelling and live theatre at this iconic attraction.

The Brief

After producing the logo and website designs, my services were engaged by marketing agency Maverick Digital again, this time to create a series of flyers and posters for this world-class New Zealand tourist attraction.

My Approach

I created a series of designs which integrated well with the existing brand featuring the ‘eye’ logo design and ‘wave’ graphic. I used a Chinese translator providing text which I pasted into the artwork using a compatible font. I endeavoured to convey authenticity and cultural intrigue through visuals which ‘sell’ the experience.

The Impact

The client was delighted with how the flyer and poster designs promoted their Aboriginal offering, creating intrigue and appeal to attract Chinese tourists.


  • Graphic Design (InDesign)

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