Innovative graphic design for cutting-edge triathlon brand

The Client

Zone3 is Britain’s #1 Triathlon brand, producing apparel with world-class materials underpinned by extensive testing. Products include wetsuits, tri-suits, and a broad range of accessories.

The Brief

I was approached by Zone3’s founder, James Lock, to create unified brand graphics for wetsuit designs, tri-suits, adverts, brochures, and exhibition banners.

My Approach

As a keen triathlete myself, I supported the design process with my personal knowledge. I know how much Triathletes love their gear, so I worked with James to develop bold graphics that would capture the heart of the market. James’ proactivity with my creativity ensured a seamless process.


Zone3 Brochure Graphic Design Queenstown New Zealand London UK


The Impact 

James was 100% satisfied with captiving graphical treatment, and has since engaged my services again.


  • Graphic design (Photoshop / InDesign / Illustrator)

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